My Why

My passion for inspiring others

For years I was searching for something or someone to help me out of the black hole I found myself in; I blamed the world and played victim to my circumstances.  I had let my anxiety and TICS consume me and I had withdrawn from life.

One day in a moment of clarity I decided enough was enough; it was time to take control of my life, own my actions and most importantly become the person I wanted to be.  I wanted to be medication free; for years Doctors had told me this was not possible and to accept the hand I’d been given.  I had lost faith in our health system, as the very pills that were supposed to help me left me in a constant state of numbness and worsened my symptoms.  There had to be an alternative.​

In March 2013 returning home from seeing a good friend marry his soul mate it clicked that I was never going to meet mine until I started owning my situation. The day I arrived home I vowed to quit one pill immediately, cold turkey, no more. I had no strategy, no plan; I just stopped taking it.  Exactly one year later I stopped number two.  But this time I learned from my experiences and ensured I had a plan and the right support for my mind and body.  The hard started here.  My body started to fight back, my mind began making up stories, and my TICS would flare up in uncontrollable bouts of exertion that left me feeling like I’d ran a marathon.

Absolutely nothing could prepare me for coming off the third and final pill, an anti-depressant I was given at 20 years old to control my anxiety.  No amount of pre-work could have helped me with what came next. It was 14 years of emotional numbness unplugged.  It felt like I was back at the scene of my very first panic attack every single day.  Everything felt so god dam hard and I was tempted many times to return to the prescription medication that had controlled me for so long.

I am now 2 years free of any medications.  Free from not feeling anything to feeling like a man who can conquer the world.  I appreciate the small things in life and I appreciate the people who never gave up on me.  I could be angry that those pills and my own mindset held me prisoner for 15 years of my life, but I can honestly say that those same years helped shape the man I am today.  I believe my experiences are why I am passionate about helping others, ensuring they get the best out of every day and discovering their potential to live the best life possible.