“I knew there was more to life than what I was experiencing. I was happy enough, and certainly busy enough working full time and having 3 children. But I was bored, sick of doing the same things all the time, and never feeling a sense of advancement in my life.

My results at work have always been of an extremely high standard, and so logically I should have been moving forward in my career. I was very afraid of taking the step forward and jumping into something I wasn’t familiar with. I HATE the feeling of not being the best at something and it terrified me that I would be made to look a fool. For that reason I held myself back from achieving my potential in my work life.

I was also extremely overweight and needed to lose 20kg. My home life was turbulent and definitely needed a new set of behaviours from me to bring more calm into our lives.

I needed a life coach to get me out of this rut that had become my life. Reece has helped me to believe in myself and remove some of the limiting beliefs I have held about myself. He has helped me not be afraid of getting out of my comfort zone, and made me realise it all starts with me! He has questioned me about things to make me self discover rather than telling me exactly what he probably sees in me that I never saw. He has made me want more out of life, and not settle for just being comfortable and bored.

My results so far… I have lost 9kg of the 20kg I need to lose. My family life is a lot more calm and loving and my children are happy. At work I have just been promoted into a secondment position where I am the boss! And I’m not afraid of all the things I don’t know.

I now feel I can do anything. I don’t feel like things are unachievable or too hard.  I know the things I’ve only ever dreamed of doing are possible and my limiting beliefs can’t hold me back.  I highly recommend Reece as a dedicated and passionate life coach.”

– Carol Reeves, Brisbane

“I can not recommend Reece enough, he has helped get me back on track after a very difficult time in my personal life.  I’m feeling happy and confident about the future.”

– Barbara, Brisbane